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Do you want to make your dreams come true and pursue your career plans? I will teach you the most effective strategies and show how to discover a power that is inside you which may help to act and become hyper productive

You deserve a prosperity and to be appreciated, because your message is simple as well as coherent and valuable. You really help people to accomplish their dreams.

Jacek Santorski

Academy of Leadership Psychology

Jakub was our mental coach during the World Cup. He is intelligent and entertaining. While being on stage he is a true showman, who has a very positive energy and is able to teach people the important things. I tell everyone that Kuba is the best!

Stephane Antiga

World Cup Volleyball Champions coach

Jakub is an extraordinary Polish entrepreneur, who proves that dreams do not come true – you make your dreams come true! The World Champion of inspiration – Jakub is the best!

Ewa Minge

Polish designer


Live Life Now Śmiechojoga is an event full of inspiration, support, motivation and laughter! Our Teachers draw on hard academic knowledge, empirically proven research and scientific achievements of leading universities. Thanks to our event, you will improve the quality of your personal life and increase the effectiveness of your business activities. At Live Life Now, your date of birth doesn't matter at all. We inspire both the young people from generation Y and those more experienced ones. There is always a good time for a positive change in life. No one will judge you or ask for personal matters. Visit us, armed only with an open mind and readiness for breakthrough changes in your life. Leave the rest to our experienced Teachers.

Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from Mumbai, India. With the support of his wife Madhuri Kataria, a yoga teacher, he founded the first laughter yoga club in 1995. Today, laughter yoga is a global movement encompassing thousands of laughter clubs in over 100 countries. Spreading rapidly in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, South East Asia, China and Africa, this new concept has been widely covered by prestigious publications like the TIME magazine, National Geographic, and the Wall Street Journal and featured on CNN, BBC, US networks and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Kataria has devoted his entire life to promoting health, happiness and peace in the world through laughter. He is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows around the world. He is associated with many research projects aimed at evaluating the benefits of laughter. His motto is: “Laugh, Love and Live!”

Jakub on stage? Where else he could be if not there? I know what I am saying. Business-like, trustworthy and efficient because he achieves things that some only talk about. Jakub gracefully breaks the rule that silence is golden.

Piotr Szwedes

Paweł Szwedes Theatre and movie actor

Jakub combines profound psychological knowledge with a great practical experience. Everything is documented not only by certificates, but also by the gold medal of World Championships. Kuba is a splendid speaker and a real crowd-pleaser, who can when there is a need, move an audience to tears.

prof. Rafał Ohme

One of the Neuroscience pioneers.

Kuba shows and teaches how to live a life full of passion. He motivates to a fault (but it is worth it!).

Tomasz Kammel

Television reporter, producer, screenwriter and coach.


Take an advantage of the most efficient techniques of psychology, motivation, cognitive science and effective communication to boost efficiency and reduce stress.


Learn how it is to work in the most demanding and stressful conditions. Together with a team of Polish volleyball players we have won the gold medal of World Championship.


Get to know my businesses, which I have built from scratch. I have employed the best people and I have automatized processes that have granted me a freedom and a life full of little-retirements.


Feel how the idea or thought is forming pictures inside your head, how it puts down roots and is producing energy for changes. Magnificent idea and the precise, strong words – since from it, every great change has started.


Do you imagine, relaxing and travelling for 6 months in a year? I am already pursuing this idea for a long period of time by exploring the world and gathering energy with experience. You know what? I will teach you how to do so with a pleasure!


I published 18 books published in 5 languages and in 17 countries! Some of them are bestsellers! I have deepened my knowledge by obtaining it form scientific researches and meetings with experts from a world of science, business and psychology.

For each target there are many ways to achieve it, yet with every way there are good and painful experiences awaiting for us. That depends just on us whether we gain enough of a positive energy to make this goal closer and then achieve it.

Mariusz Wlazły

World Volleyball Champion

Besides great skills and valuable experience, a beautiful truth emits form Jakub. That is what I personally value the most. Being around Jakub is like a pure and inspiring pleasure. I can say wholeheartedly that he is the best.

Maja Tokarska

Polish Volleyball Player of the National Team

Financial freedom? I always thought that this is beyond my reach. Until I have met Kuba Bączek… Jakub teaches, inspires, supports and provokes to hard work.

Kacper Kuszewski

Theatre and movie actor

Our clients

My biggest proud are the successes of my clients. I have worked with i.e. UEFA, Walt Disney, PZPN, PZPS, Play, Coca-Cola, PZU, Greenpeace, Warner Bros and others.


This is one of the most powerful instruments of building a positive influence. Idea, thought, vision and mission can be transferred from the stage to heart. My performance for your team is a great honour, fun and responsibility.


Behind your company success, there are people responsible for it. If you feel that your team needs improvement, streamlining or to become more perfect, allow the mental coach of the WORLD CHAMPIONS, to take care of it.


For few ambitious and determined leaders I am ready to offer my mentoring. Individually, we will work on psychological, business and .financial layers.